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    Entrepreneurs and employers from the state of Chihuahua joined efforts to support their community after intense rains hit the state capital and some other communities in the central-southern area in September 1990, leaving entire families with human and property losses.

    This effort continues to this day and consists of an extraordinary contribution made by many entrepreneurs from Chihuahua ever since in support of their community. This contribution is collected by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of the State Government, which transfers these resources to Fosech, and which in turn contributes them to human and social development projects implemented only in the State of Chihuahua.

    Objectives of the Trust

    In accordance with Decree 1131/2012 I P.O., the collection of voluntary contributions from Chihuahua's entrepreneurial community through the payment of a surcharge to the Payroll Tax must be deposited in Trust F/47611-9, which was created for the following purposes:

    The Trust was created in 1994 and has been renewed four times since 2000; this dynamic has encouraged participation due to its temporary nature, since with each renewal of the decree, entrepreneurs all around the State renew their commitment to Chihuahua's society.